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Dead Ghosts - I Sleep Alone 7"

by Dead Ghosts


We here at Randy Records are honored to announce that we are releasing the first recording of the Dead Ghosts since their LP on Floridas Dying. One of the things that, in my opinion, sets The Dead Ghosts apart from their contemporaries is their ability to sneak just a little taste of country music into their patented reverb-soaked sound. Maybe they think no one notices, but I always do, and I love them for it. "I Sleep Alone" is definitely case in point. When it comes down to it, this song is really just a country song about heart break, with slide guitar and everything, dressed up in a rock n roll outfit. A song perfectly paired with a glass of whiskey and a heavy heart. "Spot a Trend", on the other hand, is much more sinister and punk, with lyrics that are more slurred than sung. Both songs are totally different from each other, but totally awesome. The Dead Ghosts have managed to burst back on the scene with another one-two knockout punch of a record and you should all be grateful that they did.